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Chinese feng shui.

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“If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your home” – Chinese proverb

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Hello, I’m Joanna. I love to help people improve all aspects of their lives through Feng Shui.

I created this website to help you enhance your wealth, health, relationships, career, business and more, using feng shui.

Here are some of the things you will discover:

  • 10 top feng shui tips to help you (with more tips on my blog)
  • The many different ways feng shui can help all the different areas of your life
  • What feng shui is and how it works
  • What to do next if you want your property feng shui’d
  • How I can help your business using feng shui

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Feng Shui Tip – put a water feature in the career or wealth sector of your home or business

I first came across chinese feng shui over 25 years ago and was fascinated by it as I had never really thought about how my home was affecting me.

When you consider how much time we spend in our homes, it makes total sense that our home affects us doesn’t it?

Since then I have qualified as a Feng Shui consultant which sounds rather grand but simply means I am able to help others using Feng Shui.


Here are some of the areas chinese feng shui can help you with:

  • Relationships – improving an existing one or bringing in a new one
  • Abundance – helping the flow of money and abundance into your life
  • Health & peace of mind
  • Improving your business
  • Protecting the home e.g. After a burglary
  • Clearing stagnant or harmful energy e.g. If there has been  illness
  • Helping you sell your home more easily


When I first had my own home feng shui’d many years ago, I was absolutely amazed when the consultant summed up my life after spending just 30 minutes looking around my home. The feng shui report helped me see why I was struggling so much in 2 key areas of my life, and importantly, how to improve things.

So, I know from personal experience from that property experience and many more since then that feng shui works. It’s one thing to read about it and to be inspired but quite another to witness first-hand what it can do.


Question: Have you ever walked into a room or a building and immediately felt calm & light?

feng shui tips

Feng Shui Tip – Balance the 5 Elements in your Home or Workplace

And have you ever gone into a room or building and felt depressed and heavy?

How does it make you feel if you are in a room that is clean, tidy and tasteful compared to one that is dirty, cluttered and busy?

Imagine… arriving to stay in a hotel and when you walk into the lobby there are beautiful water features, wonderful lighting, healthy plants in stunning vases, a feeling of spaciousness and beauty.

Now imagine arriving at a different hotel and the front door is damaged, the lobby is dark and dingy and the plants are dying (it happens!)

How do you feel in each case?  These are just simple demonstrations of how we are affected by our environment.


The home in which you live, or the place where you work are having an effect on you every single day of you life, for good or for bad.

To my mind, it’s well worth creating a harmonious and pleasing space in which to dwell!


Visit my Feng Shui Tips page for 10 free tips that will help you! Some of them are very simple and easy to apply, but could make a big improvement to your home’s feng shui!

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