Beams in feng shui. Are beams creating problems for you?

Beams in feng shui and some easy cures.

Beams can look wonderful can’t they? They add character and interest to a room and are not only common in older, character properties – but also in conversions.

The problem is though, according to feng shui, beams are not a good thing. Many beams are very dark and bulky while others are thinner and lighter. Either way, beams carry chi (energy) too fast due to their horizontal shape. Energy should ideally flow at a normal pace, not too fast or too slow.

They can also ‘slice’ whatever lies below them, or act as what is known in feng shui as ‘poison arrows’.

Let’s say your double bed is positioned beneath a beam. If the beam direction is down through the middle of the bed that may adversely affect your love life. If it’s direction is across the bed it could affect you physically.

Beams can also make a ceiling feel too low and oppressive.

The good news is, you don’t have to avoid properties with beams or have yours removed! There are several ‘fixes’ you can do. (However if you are currently house hunting, go for a home with smooth ceilings!)

  1. Paint the beams a pale color, for instance if the ceiling is white, paint the means white too, and you almost make them seem to disappear!
  2. Run red cotton/thread along the middle of each beam.
  3. Hang 2 flutes, each tied with red cotton or thread on each beam. Hang the flutes facing each other with the mouth piece part at the bottom so that the shape created is like a Pa Kua.


More feng shui cures in my next post! See you soon.

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