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The feng shui bagua map you can see in the image below is a vital feng shui tool. I am going to show you here what the bagua is and how you can use it in your home or workplace – as well as in each room within your home or workplace.

bag ua(Feng Shui Bagua Image Copyright www.feng-shui-tips.co.uk)

The feng shui bagua is like a map really. Except that this is an energy map. It shows which areas of your home or workplace relate to which areas of your life.

As weird as this may sound at first, it really does work, and I will share some easy ways here that you can prove this for yourself.

I have indicated on the feng shui bagua image above which element (water, fire, metal etc) governs each area of the ba gua too, and the colors are shown by the color of the text in each section. However to make it clearer I will give you the colors here too:

  • The Career area is black and dark tones.
  • The Knowledge and Self-Cultivation area is black, blues and greens.
  • The Health and Family area is blues and greens.
  • The Wealth and Prosperity area is blues, purples and reds.
  • The Fame and Reputation area is red.
  • The Love and Marriage area is reds, pinks and white.
  • The Creativity and Children area is white and pastels.
  • The Helpful People and Travel area is white, greys and black.
  • The Center is earth tones.

To use the bagua you need to imagine that you are looking down on your home from above. If you already have a floorplan of your home, that is ideal. (I create a floorplan for you when I do a Feng Shui consultation).

Place the feng shui bagua over your home so that your whole home fits within it, bearing in mind that your main entrance to your home or workplace needs to align with the bottom of the bagua.

So, as an example, if you enter your home through the front door, the part of your home that lies in the furthest left corner section is your wealth area.

To work out the feng shui of each room in your home, simply align the bag ua so that the bottom of the bagua fits over the entrance to the room. Using the same example as before, your wealth area for any room is in the far left hand section of the room.


Does the Feng Shui Bagua really work?

I promised you earlier that I would show you some simple ways to prove the bagua works.

So, here we go!

Are you having a challenge in any particular area of your life? Let’s imagine you are struggling financially (or maybe you know someone who is and can try this in their home).

Take a good look at the wealth area of your home/workplace.

  • Does it look like the home of a successful, wealthy person?
  • Are the colours blue, red or purple there?
  • Do you have expensive looking items there?

No? You need to remedy this to help boost your wealth.

  • Is your wealth area filled with clutter or does it have a toilet positioned there?
  • Do you have candles or metal objects there, or pointy leafed plants, all of which have a detrimental effect on wealth?
  • Is there a large window with no drapes in your wealth area?
  • Is your home an irregular shape, so that your wealth area is actually missing from the ba gua?

Yes? Then your feng shui for your wealth area is affecting you adversely and needs help fast!


If you are having financial challenges and you can relate to the questions above when you look at your wealth area, then hopefully this will give you confidence in the power of the feng shui bagua!

What do you do if you want to improve an area of your life?

Well, you can follow my blog where I will be sharing useful tips about feng shui cures for all the different areas of your life and you can visit my online feng shui store for items that will help you.

You may prefer to have a feng shui consultation if you would like professional advice about all aspects of your feng shui. I can help you with a full consultation or a condensed version if you simply want some overall advice to improve things.

You can Whatsapp me on +44 7890 454396


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