10 Top Feng Shui Tips. Vital Free Tips To Help Enhance Your Home Or Workplace

10 Top Feng Shui Tips

Did you know… The ancient system of feng Shui can help improve all areas of your life, from your love life to your health and your wealth!

These 10 tips are a good starting point, I hope you find them helpful.

Please go here if you would like to find out more about how I can help with your feng shui. It’s amazing what a difference a well-balanced harmonious living space can do for your well-being!


“First avoid the negative… then enhance the positive.”  Chinese proverb

1. Clear your clutter.

This is a vital first step, and I am talking about ALL clutter, not just the visible stuff! So, look under the beds, in the loft, the shed, drawers, cupboards, garages and so on and clear it all out! Just because it’s in hidden places doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you.

Clearing clutter will enable the efeng shui tipsnergy in your home to flow better, you and your home will feel lighter and clearer.

You may also find you are able to think more clearly.

Then spring clean your entire home/office space.

Dust and dirt are not helping you!

Clean, sparkling surfaces will uplift the atmosphere in your home/workplace and that will in turn have a positive effect on you.

I never like the thought of having a big clear out, but I always feel so good afterwards!



2. Fix anything broken.

Either mend it or get rid of it. I know that can be hard sometimes but be strong! Broken objects or appliances are a feng shui no-no. Clocks that no longer work are included in this.


3. Get rid of dried flowers.

In feng shui terms they are ‘dead energy’. Don’t forget that pot pourri is included in this! Silk flowers are fine by the way.


4. Use wind chimes to slow down the flow of ‘chi’.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Feng Shui Wind Chimes, a useful feng shui remedy.

Chi (energy) tends to flow too fast down stairways, especially stairs that go straight down and face the front door.

To help to slow down the vital chi, hang the wind chimes between the bottom stair and the door, but only if you can ensure they are well above head height. You don’t want to have to duck your head or have to step sideways to avoid them!

Long corridors are other places chi flows too fast, so wind chimes can help here too (again, make sure they are hung above head height).

Also, hang them in entrance ways of business premises as they have the effect of calling in clients and customers!

I will be telling you about other remedies like this weekly in my feng shui blog.


5. Feng shui tip to help your relationships.

Make sure items are in pairs in your relationships sector. One pair is enough, and remove any single items. Or you could put a picture of a pair in that area. For example a photo of you and your loved one, or a pair of swans, or two dolphins etc.

Items in the colors pink, red and white are beneficial here. Candles are good for this area as the fire element boosts the earth element. The relationships area is the earth element.


6. Make sure all your plants are round leaved and not spiky.

feng shui money plant

Feng Shui ‘money plant’. Jade plant. Ideal for your wealth area.

Spiky plants ‘cut’ the energy in your home, and you don’t want that!

So, cacti are out along with many other plants which have spiky leaves. Soft, round leaves create a much better energy.

Oh, and make sure they are healthy plants too! Dying plants or flowers are not good!


7. Feng Shui tips to enhance your wealth.

One feng shui tip for boosting wealth (there are many more) is to put a ‘money plant’ or round leafed purple/red plants in your wealth sector.

You could use silk flowers instead if you are a lazy gardener like me!

If you prefer you could have flowers of another color but bring in the red, purple or blue color in the vase. Make it a rich shade, not a faded one!


8. Don’t put too many candles or metal objects in your wealth area – here’s why!

The wealth area is represented by the wood element which is ‘destroyed’ by the fire and metal elements. You don’t want to destroy your wealth! It’s all about balance though, so it’s ok to have the fire and metal element represented, but in a small way is best.


9. Keep your toilet seat down.

Vital Chi (energy) will disappear down holes like these, so block the hole by keeping the seat down. If your toilet is in your wealth area you are literally flushing your money away. Closing the lid is such a simple yet effective feng shui cure. If it’s in your relationships area, you are flushing love away – and so on!


10. Counteract ‘missing’ areas of your home.

Mirrors can be used to correct odd shaped homes. You see, if the part of your home that corresponds to, say, helpful people, is missing then you may have challenges with getting helpful people in your life.

If the relationships area of your home is missing or part missing, you may find you struggle to meet someone – or you may find you don’t see much of your partner. You get the picture!

Put a large mirror on any walls that surround the missing areas.

This is why having an oblong or square shaped home is ideal!


I hope you have found these feng shui tips useful. I will be sharing more feng shui tips in my feng shui blog.

Do bear in mind that tips 1-4 and tips 6 and 9 can be used in all situations but it’s best really to have a feng shui consultation for everything else unless you have time to fully study the whole subject of feng shui.

That’s because feng shui is quite complicated and making a change in one area could have a detrimental knock on effect on other areas if you don’t fully understand the whole picture.

I liken it to the health of the body. If someone is unwell and out of balance, the whole body needs to be treated, not just one area. In other words, a holistic approach is best.

I do feng shui via video and email so no matter where you live, I can help!

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