Has Moving Home Changed Your Life For Better Or Worse?

Moving house is a risky business

I have a question for you…

How many times have you moved home so far in your life?

I am guessing at least once as most people leave the home they grew up in when they reach adulthood?

Maybe you move house on a regular basis or perhaps you have been in your current home for many years?

Here’s some food for thought – how did your life change when you moved home?


I don’t necessarily mean immediate changes. They can be gradual.

For example, did you notice that relationships changed for the better or worse once you had lived in your new home for a while?

Or did your health get better or worse?

How about your finances? Did you notice that your bank balance was healthier or was money flying out so fast you couldn’t keep up?

Think about all the important areas of your life: Love, health, money, career, travel, hobbies, friendships, family, children and so on. Did any of these change much after a house move?

Of course all these things change in some way, big or small, throughout our lives, but it is interesting from a feng shui perspective to know if changes occurred specifically after you were in a new home. Later in life we can look back on a period of our life and realise how wonderful or awful things were, but do we ever relate it to the home we were living in at that time?

Have you ever made significant changes to your home – maybe you added a new room, or perhaps a conservatory? Maybe you had a big extension done? Maybe you had a swimming pool dug in your garden? These things will all have an impact and change the feng shui of your home for better or worse…


Can the ‘wrong’ home lead to divorce?

I remember when I was in my late teens, my best friend at the time had just got engaged to a lovely man and they were so loved up it was incredible. I had never seen a couple so into each other and so seemingly well suited. I hoped that one day I would also achieve that kind of idyllic love match.

They married and moved into a lovely little home and all was well. Some years later they decided to move house to a bigger house and my friend took me to see the house they had offered on. I didn’t like it much, it just felt a bit big and cold, and felt empty somehow – but it was their choice and I probably kept my thoughts to myself. I knew nothing of feng shui back then. I did ask why the current owners were selling and she said ‘they are getting divorced’. I do remember that I had a bad feeling when she said that.

Over time we lost touch after I moved away but I heard years later that while living in that house, they too got divorced. It was probably just a coincidence but if the relationship sector of that house needed some feng shui help, and neither of those couples knew that, it could go part-way to explain why neither marriage lasted. I admit I was beyond stunned to hear they had broken up!


Your home is like an energy field

Now that I have many years experience with feng shui, I can see peoples homes in a different way. I see them as a kind of energy field, having a constant effect on the inhabitants, for better or worse depending on what the home is like. We spend so much time in our homes, even if we are out working much of the time – because we sleep there so that is a good third of our time at least. It would be almost impossible to not be affected by our surroundings wouldn’t it?

As an example, look at these 2 interiors and see how each one makes you feel. Now imagine not just looking at these different homes but actually living in them. What effect might each have on you?




Start with a spring clean

It makes sense to ensure your home is having as beneficial an effect on you as possible doesn’t it? You can make a positive start by simply de-cluttering (if you have any clutter) and spring-cleaning. Include loft areas, basements, cupboards, integral garages… This will lift the energy of your home immediately.


If any areas of your life have not been going as well as you would wish since being in your home, then maybe you would like my help to feng shui your home.

Here’s how I can help.

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