How Mirrors Can Help Your Feng Shui

Mirrors are a wonderful Feng Shui ‘cure’ and there are several different ways you can use them to help your feng shui.

Firstly, you can hang a mirror in your career area as mirrors represent the water element and the career area of the Bagua is the water element.

Secondly, you can put a mirror in your health & family or wealth areas of your Bagua as those areas are the wood element which is helped by water.

Thirdly, you can hang a mirror on a wall which stands next to a ‘missing’ area of your Bagua. For instance in an L shaped house. Let’s say your home is missing the top left section, your wealth area. Hang a mirror on both walls that create the missing section to help counteract this.

The fourth way to use a mirror is to make a room or corridor seem bigger and lighter.

Obviously a larger mirror will be more effective than a tiny one!

More Feng Shui tips coming soon so keep in touch!